March 8, 2021

Thank You to Our Women | by CEO Ragu Bhargava

by Ritu Bhargava in GUC Blog

Dear Team,

While I am always truly amazed by the incredible strength, expertise, and innovation the women in our company bring, today, I want to take a moment to say Thank You.

Thank you to all the women who work at Global Upside Corporation and the many more who are part of our families. Your contribution at work, to our families, and our communities is immeasurable. Across our brands, we are providing critical services to businesses everywhere, we are helping restart the global economy, restore lost jobs, and create new inventions. People are depending upon us and you are playing a monumental role in making it all happen.

I want share that your hard work and extraordinary capabilities in managing your home and work are not unseen. I am not alone in recognizing how gracefully you manage everything.

As a company, we are dedicating time and resources on how to better support our women. From leadership training and mentoring, and boardroom representation, wellness initiatives, to flexible workhours and safe zones to share your thoughts … Global Upside Corporation will continue to do its part, and we’ll not stop looking for new opportunities to improve.

As a father to two incredibly-talented daughters, and having co-founded this company with my wife Gita, I know first-hand, there is no limit to what women can achieve. Keep dreaming, keep inspiring and keep showing girls everywhere that the future is yours.

Warm regards,

Ragu Bhargava
Chief Executive Officer
Global Upside