November 12, 2018

Letter to Team

by Ritu Bhargava in GUC Blog

We’ve got exciting news to share today – we’ve launched the website and logo of Global Upside Corporation – Our holding company and newest brand represents the umbrella organization under which we all work.

From the moment we formed the Global Upside Corporation, the idea of creating a new brand has been the subject of much deliberation and discussion. After all, Global Upside itself is a well-known service used by Clients in nearly 150 countries. Yet, we also had an overwhelming need to create an identity that truly captures the breadth and growth of our business. We have come a long way from being an accounting company. We are providing PEO services, we have an innovate and highly successful software, we have a booming talent acquisition business – and thanks to you all – we are trailblazing into new ideas every day.

Convinced that a new holding company was a necessary pre-requisite for our long-term ambitions and to allow the whole Team, all of you, to take part and benefit from our success, we embarked on months of planning and preparation that went into this week’s unveiling of the Global Upside Corporation.

One of our main goals was to select a name that would keep us close to our core yet encompass our broad suite of current capabilities, and our future innovations. The word “corporation” instantly felt like the right fit. We are and will always be Global Upside – but we are bigger, better and going places. Creating the “Global Upside Corporation” helps us convey that message and showcase the various businesses we now operate. Further, the new visual identity with its elegant design and color palette also sets us apart from the competition.

What it means for you?

In the coming weeks and months, you will see and hear more about the Global Upside Corporation as we roll out the brand publicly. However, this does not change anything in any of our day-to-day workings. You will continue to work for Global Upside or Gava Talent Solutions or Global PEO Services. The marketing team will reach out to your separately on when and how to change your email signatures and LinkedIn profiles. They will also provide you access to all our brand logos, collateral, and letter head and directions on proper use of each.

Can I tell my Clients or partners about the holding company?

A public announcement with a press release and Client outreach will be done in January 2019. However, you are free to share news about the Company and direct people to should you feel the need.

Ultimately a great company is never about a name, brand or its logo, it about our people and the work we do. This simply reflects the growth we have achieved due to hard work for every Team member. Thank you to all for inspiring this important change!

Keep trailblazing Team!

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